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Hi! I'm Delaney Burst,
and welcome to DankDishesbyD.

No one is surprised by my passion for cooking and eating. I have loved being in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, pulling up a stool to the counter to help stir or measure when I was just a toddler.  It wasn't just the preparation that I loved; I was excited about the food.  Before I went to kindergarten, I was eating Pad Thai and sushi.   My mother recalls strangers  in the grocery store marveling that I would request artichokes from my seat in the cart.  I would eat chicken nuggets, but I preferred chicken Parmesan.  


People joke that New Orleanians start talking about dinner over their morning coffee, and I am certainly cut from that cloth. I could not wait to move into an apartment my sophomore year, and  begin cooking exactly what I was craving. Photographing my dishes and sharing them with friends morphed into my Instagram account *DankdishesbyD, where I showcase my creations and recipes.  As a Food Network binge watcher, I was thrilled when the Auburn Plainsman offered me the opportunity to host my own cooking show on its YouTube channel, with recipes in the print edition. With many requests for recipes, it made sense to compile them in this website. 


This past fall, I learned that I have celiac disease, which means that I cannot eat wheat or any products containing gluten. While this is not specifically a gluten-free website, that is how I cook now; my recipes include options for traditional or gluten-free ingredients. I hope that you enjoy cooking and eating these dank dishes as much as I do.  

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